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Press Release - August 3rd 2015

Ship’s position
Please click here in order to visualize our ship’s position and to see the expected arrival and departure times at the next three ports.
Serving the Middle and Lower North Shore
This Groupe Desgagnés subsidiary is a proud reflection of the group's deep-rooted maritime tradition!

Take a closer look and discover how its vocation extends far beyond its regular travels through the St. Lawrence Estuary. On the observation deck of its cargo and passenger ship, the M/V Bella Desgagnés, you'll find travelers amazed by the sights before them. But shift your gaze aft and you'll see containers of much-anticipated supplies for the inhabitants of some of the world's most scenic villages!
Member of Biosphere's Ecowatch Network
The Gulf of St. Lawrence is a source of endless satisfaction for fans of wide open spaces and aquatic and land wildlife! The Middle and Lower North Shore coastline is a highly popular destination for scientists and adventure-seekers of all nationalities.
Relais Nordik takes care of you and your goods
Carrying passengers in complete safety, with great concern for the environment!

Whether you are a North Shore resident, a tourist, a business owner, or a "regular passenger," the Relais Nordik team spares no effort to provide first-rate service. You will always be treated with the same care that earned Relais Nordik's reputation in the first place.
For more information on tourism on the Lower North Shore, click on one of the 2 icons below.
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