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June 3, 2013
Shipping Service on Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore - Passengers and Cargo Transportation Service

Relais Nordik inc. announced today that one of the engines of the vessel Bella Desgagnés’s is currently experiencing intermittent problems, and some electrical problems remain to be solved. As the Company prioritizes security without any compromise, it has been determined that the ship will not leave the port of Sept-Iles without having its systems fully reviewed by experts. Therefore, it has been decided to cancel voyage # 8 currently in progress, as well as voyage # 9 starting on June 3rd with the Bella Desgagnés.

The Company is currently planning and implementing an alternative plan as a temporary solution while the Bella Desgagnés is docked.

The Nordik Express will be temporarily returned in service, assisted by the Amelia Desgagnés to accelerate the delivery of the cargo held on standby. Relais Nordik’s agents in each port will be available to inform customers regarding these transitional measures. Also, the Company wishes to advise its clients that cargo reception services are maintained in all ports served, according to the usual schedule.

With respect to passengers currently on board the Bella Desgagnés for voyage # 8, the tourists will be returned to their ports or origin and residents will be transported to their intended destination, by air.

Regarding reservations already made for the continuity of voyage # 8, the Company will reimburse, to all persons holding a reservation for this trip and who will use air travel as their means of transportation, the excess of the price of the airplane ticket compared to the cost of their sea passage on the Bella Desgagnés for trips between Blanc Sablon and Natashquan, including Anticosti Island. This compensation will be paid on presentation of supporting documents confirming the use of air transportation. Also, always for the remainder of voyage # 8 and in regard to residents who must travel between the villages of the Lower North Shore and on Anticosti Island who have not yet made reservations, they are required to register at the offices of Relais Nordik inc. in Rimouski to plan their trips and make a reservation in proper form, failing which the compensation will not be granted.

At the beginning of the service of the Nordik Express for voyage # 9, maritime passages for residents traveling between the ports served will be provided by the Nordik Express, and this, until the return of the Bella Desgagnés to its regular service.
Québec, June 3, 2013 
Groupe Desgagnés Inc.